The Nysus Solutions Assembly Manufacturing Execution System is designed to simplify high complexity assembly processes through automated work instructions and integrated poka yoke systems. The entire process is tracked from start to finish including operators, PLC info, torque, sub components, vision images, and shipping details. Typical applications include automotive modules, full vehicle builds, ATV, aerospace, and appliance assembly. The Assembly MES also provides a number of error proofing options to ensure a correct build the first time. Combined with our hands-on approach to implementation and ongoing support, our MES software can be your best tool on your assembly line.

PLC Integration


The Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution Systems integrate directly to all makes and models of programmable logic controllers and do not require additional third party software.

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Work instructions are easily maintained with options for images, text formatting and mass customization of products and processes.


Product traceability is a key component of the Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution Systems. Multiple tracking methods include traditional bar codes, 2D etched bar codes, and RFID tags. Create a complete product “birth certificate” to eliminate warranty issues and meet customer compliance requirements.



The Nysus Solutions Machine Manufacturing Execution System is designed to ensure the highest levels of efficiencies for capital equipment. Through direct machine integration, all critical parameters are collected and monitored including cycle times, defective material, downtime, OEE, and process specific parameters.

PLC Integration


The Nysus Solutions Machine Manufacturing Execution System integrates directly to your machines allowing for instant feedback on Cycle Complete as well as measurement of actual process parameters and associating these to a serialized record.

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Production data is right at your fingertips with the Machine MES display. View current cycles times, production rates and OEE and track defects and downtime quickly and easily.



  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Stamping
  • Extrusion
  • Machining


There are many companies that “sell MES software”, but at Nysus Solutions, our dedication to a successful integration is what sets us apart. We have a highly qualified team of manufacturing professionals who will work with your team to ensure that your manufacturing execution system installation is a success. With the ability to easily customize the system to fit your exact requirements, you can be sure the Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution System will become an indispensable part of your manufacturing organization.

Nysus Solutions MES provides a common user interface across all systems and can be customized to fit specific user requirements like text language and images.


One of the key highlights of the Nysus Solutions MES is the real-time feedback available to users through our web-based administrative utility.   Accessible from any device connected to your internal network, the Nysus Solutions MES Manager provides a number of reports for live data and historical reporting:

  • Cycle Time Reports – View current cycle times per station, operator, shift and more. See where your downtime or lagging is occurring and make adjustments to your current process flow.
  • Production Reports – View current production rates by shift or hour. This report shows you when your operation is most productive and where there is room for improvement.
  • Downtime Tracking – This report gives you insight into what is causing slowdowns on your production lines and allows for operator input from the station level.
  • Product Birth Certificate – Provides a detailed history for every product produced. Station history, test results, vision inspection images and more.
  • Dashboards – These real-time displays allow operators to know line status, current production rates and job status. Also customizable to show safety information, announcements and more.
  • Custom Reporting – Many of our customers need custom reporting for internal use or OEM requirements. Nysus is ready and able to create easy to use and effective reports for your needs.
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