Jacob Pifer – Lead Project Manager

Year you began at Nysus: 2021

College: The University of Michigan  

Hometown: Trenton, Michigan  

About Jacob: When I am not working, I am typically spending time with my wife & our 2 dogs. If I am not spending time with them, I am either working on a house project or watching Netflix.

Favorite Sports Team: Michigan Wolverines Football

Favorite Food:  Pulled pork

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I am excited to work for Nysus Solutions because I get to see different manufacturing processes and help other companies improve their processes.  Another big reason is Nysus Solutions is a great place to learn & grow in programming, automation & program management

Heysam Salami – President of Software

Year you began at Nysus: 2021

College: The University of Toledo – Business Administration, Human Resources Management

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

About Heysam: My wife and I have 3 boys that are all into sports and we love watching them play throughout the year. I have been in the automotive industry for about 10 years now. Before getting into the industry, I helped run our family business that we owned for over a decade.

Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I’m excited to work at Nysus Solutions because of the great culture that the company promotes, along with the ability Nysus Solutions has to customize solutions for our customers.

Devon Steel – Project Manager

Year you began at Nysus: 2021

College: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University / Spaceflight Operations

Hometown: Perrysburg, Ohio

About Devon: I’m a proud nerd, big fan of Star Wars and Marvel, video games, and Lego. I have been ballroom and Latin dancing since 2013, which has been an incredible hobby that has led to meeting lots of new people and expanding my comfort zone. Space has always been one of my biggest passions, and I love keeping up with all the SpaceX news and other commercial spaceflight happenings. Lastly, I have a very old and very sweet dog named Cosmo.

Favorite Sports Team: McLaren Racing-Formula 1

Favorite Food: BBQ lentil stuffed sweet potato

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I worked for Nysus Solutions a little while in 2014 as an intern, and it has been incredible to see the company’s growth since then. Our business has expanded and so has the team, and everyone has been so welcoming since I came back. That’s what I’m most excited about-continuing to work with these fantastic people who are so well aligned with the Nysus core values.

Cody Mitchey – Automation Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2020 as an automation co-op engineer

College: The University of Toledo / Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Industrial Manufacturing Engineering with a minor of Business Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Lyons, Ohio

About Cody: I currently live in Lyons with my dog and two cats. In my free time, I enjoy 3D printing, woodworking, working in the yard, kayaking, traveling, playing video games, listening to/playing music, and tinkering with anything mechanical or electrical. My younger brother and I have a lot of shared hobbies, so we’re almost always hanging out together when our work and school schedules lineup. I also love learning and trivia, and I strive to be a “jack of all trades”.

Favorite Sports Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite Food: Anything pasta or grilled

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? I’m excited to work for Nysus Solutions because there’s always an opportunity to learn a new skill. Each project presents its own unique set of challenges and it’s fun to work your way to a solution. There are also plenty of opportunities for cross-discipline training. I can go from mechanical design, to wiring panels and sensors, to fabrication and assembly, to electrical design or PLC programming all in the same day. There aren’t many places where you can get that kind of experience.

Jeff Johnson – Project Manager

Year you began at Nysus: 2021 – The Year of the Ox

College: University of Toledo – Bachelor’s in English Education

Hometown:  Sylvania, Ohio

About Jeff:  My wife Stephanie and I live in West Toledo and love visiting our local Metroparks for hikes with Sirius, our Border Collie mix. In my free time, I love cooking (Sous Vide and smoking large cuts of meat are two recent favorites), traveling (we have a goal of getting to all the National Parks), photography (anything but people), and doing anything outdoors (hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, etc). I have been told that I have a very dry sense of humor and will fully admit to being a huge fan of dad jokes; the worse, the better!

Favorite Sports Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Food: Mediterranean – the more garlic and lemon, the happier I’ll be!

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions?  Working for Nysus Solutions is going to allow me to work on three of my favorite subjects: Information Technology, Automation, and Manufacturing.  I love being involved in creative solutions that speed up processes!

Jennifer Rose – Office Administrator

Year you began at Nysus: 2021

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

About Jennifer: I have been blessed with a wonderful life partner, a great family and friends. My son Eric lives in Jackson, Michigan. My brother and his family live close by in Sylvania, Ohio. Ray and I travel every chance we get. We especially like the Willamette Valley wine country and the Seattle area. In my free time I have volunteered for Hospice and Red Cross as a First Aid/CPR instructor and disaster relief volunteer. 

Favorite Sports Team:  Ohio State Buckeyes (of course)

Favorite Food:  Italian

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions? Integrity matters. When you have an opportunity to work with great people (as those here at Nysus Solutions), people committed to their profession and helping customers achieve their goals, you know you are a part of something special.  I am excited to be a part of that. I feel the energy that can only come from the best and the brightest people in this industry, people that care deeply about their clients and each other. Great companies thrive because at their core, integrity drives their priorities and their actions. At Nysus Solutions integrity matters. 

James Knoblauch – Director of Software Development

Year you began at Nysus: 2014

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? There’s always something new and interesting to work on at Nysus Solutions, as well as amazing people to work with.  I cannot even remember the last time I got bored here.  It is pretty much my dream job.

What do you think sets Nysus Solutions apart from the competition? I think one of Nysus Solutions’ biggest strengths is our dedication to supporting our customer’s needs.  The level of support provided by Nysus Solutions in emergency situations is something that I have not seen in many of our competitors and I think that’s something that our customers appreciate about us.

Aaron Zettel – Automation Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2020

College: The University of Toledo – BS in Electrical Engineering  

Hometown: Wauseon, Ohio

About Aaron:  I have spent my whole life living in my hometown where I still live today. For fun I like to go for long walks with the dog and fiancé and go to sporting events of my favorite teams. I also enjoy playing video games from time to time. 

Favorite Sports Team:  Michigan Wolverines

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions?   I love the team environment and how much they value every employee. I also enjoy new tasks and challenges every day that allow me to expand my knowledge of the industry.

Steffany Sass – Philanthropy Coordinator

Year you began at Nysus: 2020

College: The University of Toledo – BBA, Finance/Management and MBA, Finance

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

About Steffany:   I enjoy spending time and making memories with my husband and our 3 kids. We have 2 pets, a funny dog and a crazy cat, that are currently learning to become friends. I love volunteering, baking and being outside and active with my family. 

Favorite Food:  Brussel Sprouts   

Why are you excited to start working at Nysus Solutions?  I am excited for the opportunity to help contribute to a company that is as committed to community involvement as Nysus Solutions. They are dedicated to their core values, that not only align with improving the success of their business, but also to the success of the communities in which we work and live. I am excited to join such a generous, compassionate and caring team.

Steve Daviduk – Senior Software Development Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2014