Chris Metroff – Software Development Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2022 as a Co op, 2023 full-time

College: University of Toledo, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Hometown: Reading, MI

About Chris: I am getting married in June of 2023. I have a chocolate lab/golden retriever mix named Coco. I like cooking on the weekend and fishing in the summer. In my other leisure time, I enjoy solving logic puzzles and wood working.

Favorite Sports Team: The Ohio State University

Favorite Food: Homemade Chicken and Dumplings

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? Coming in as a co-op, I had a lot of learning to do and lots of questions, but I have never had a question turned down by anyone. The team is very willing to put in the time to help each other. Although projects can be assigned on an individual basis, working here feels very collaborative. We share in the success and turmoil, and that creates an environment of trust and growth.

Talk about a favorite project you’ve worked on at Nysus Solutions. Early in my first co-op, I had a task of making the navigational menu of our management software collapsible. It ended up being less difficult and quicker than I expected, but I had such fun developing it. Now, I am reminded of it almost every time I work in the management software.