Tom Norris – Software Engineer

Year you began at Nysus: 2019

College: The University of Toledo.  BS in Computer Science and Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering

Hometown: LaGrange, OH.

About Tom: I currently live in Parma, Ohio with my long-time girlfriend, our two dogs and cat. We enjoy spending time outdoors, going on walks and watching Netflix. I also like to program in my spare time and have a handful of personal projects in operation at home.

Favorite Sports Team: I have never been one for sports, so I do not have a favorite team!

Favorite Food:  Chicken Parmesan

Talk about a positive experience you’ve had with the Nysus Solutions team.  When I was first hired, I had a lot of questions and faced many challenges. The entire Nysus Solutions team was eager to answer any questions that I had, no matter how trivial they seemed. I am extremely thankful for this, as it provided a solid foundation and allowed me to quickly build strong relationships with the whole team. 

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions? The people are simply amazing. Everyone is kind, courteous, talented, smart, and thoughtful. They are more than willing to help one another and that helps us to strengthen and grow as a team.