Steve Sass – Managing Partner

Year you began at Nysus: 2005

College: The University of Toledo – BS & MS in Engineering

Hometown: Lambertville, MI.  Also lived in California (Point Mugu) for 3 years while in the Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician.

About Steve: I am married with 3 kids: Sophia, Evelyn, & Vincent, and a funny dog named Puj.  Loving the dad-life, and I enjoy pretending I am still young enough to play basketball, woodworking, music, and various geek-ish projects.

Favorite Sports Team: Michigan Wolverines….mainly basketball & (I suppose) football, and the Detroit Pistons

Favorite Food:  Chocolate shakes.  In high school, I installed car stereo systems for my friends and my only required payment was a chocolate shake!

Why do you enjoy working at Nysus Solutions?   It has been amazing watching Nysus grow into what it’s become.  We have grown into a real powerhouse amongst the MES and automation sector.  We have built a great team that has a ton of manufacturing experience and great work ethic.  This allows us to tackle and overcome any challenge that we face and deliver a quality product for our customers that helps them achieve their goals.

What do you like most about working within the manufacturing industry?  As a programmer, it is rewarding to see what you are working on be applied to the physical world.  I don’t think I could have ever written financial software or something that wasn’t tangible.  To drive down the road and see a car or other product that we helped ensure the quality of is really satisfying.